This post is going to be controversial – probably more so than anything that I’ve written so far; without spoiling anything I think the post on Islam is going to be equally as controversial.

I really don’t mind bursting the collective bubble of the Left on this one either – there are two genders – MALE and FEMALE.  Before you start clamoring for my head, I will acknowledge that transsexuals are perfectly valid – as long as the individual is making a dedicated effort to pass for what they feel like they should be.  So male-female transitions and female-male transitions are valid, beyond that – all fifty thousand other “genders” don’t exist, I’m not sorry – they just don’t exist.  If you’re sitting there thinking that I’m saying gender dysphoria doesn’t exist, it does, I acknowledge and accept that it does.  Here’s an article from Psychology Today and another from The APA, on Psychiatry (org).  However those who promote the notion that there are more than two genders are delusional, this includes Facebook who even gives you the option to fill-in whatever the user desires.


This is what The Daily Beast has to say…

Sex refers mainly to biology and is a configuration of chromosomes, hormones, gonads (ovaries, testicles), reproductive units (sperm, egg), and internal and external anatomy. And while sex is often talked about as if the only two options are male and female, this two-sex system is inadequate for understanding the sex characteristics of all people.

Gender is more about your personal sense of who you are (e.g., man, woman, transgender, etc). Gender primarily refers to qualities that are masculine or feminine or neither or both. Just as sex is often talked about as male/female, gender is often thought about as being a man or woman. However, this binary gender system is inadequate for understanding the gender of all humans, especially across cultures. Many societies are now expanding their use of gender terms.

Gender terms are dynamic and some terms are more often used or preferred in some communities, or parts of the country. Some terms are also generational, being more common among younger or older people. Facebook’s list of gender terms cannot cover every possible identity a person can have. Similarly, our glossary to these terms – while put together with much thought and care – most certainly cannot capture all of the nuances of gender, or how people feel about their own identities.

Here is what the Oxford Dictionary  as summarized by the folks at The Daily Wire have to say – again, somebody is going to bitch about dictionaries being some kind of “-ist” at me or say that The Daily Wire is garbage – which is nothing more than an opinion.

The current formal definition of gender is, as the Oxford Dictionary defines it, “Either of the two sexes (male and female), especially when considered with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones.” But with the growing influence of feminist and LGBT theories, that definition is beginning to change to include “non-binary” genders or “genderqueer” (neither male nor female), as Oxford notes in its follow-up to its original definition: “The term is also used more broadly to denote a range of identities that do not correspond to established ideas of male and female.”

Which leads into this nugget –

What is gender identity? Those who promote “gender identity” theory argue that one’s self-identified gender — or the gender one feels he or she is — should trump biological sex, including when it comes to which bathroom an individual uses or what sport or club one joins. The debate over transgenderism, or gender dysphoria, a mental condition in which one believes he or she is of the opposite sex, has resulted in major political and ideological debates in the 21st century.

The point that I’m getting to with this is that none of this bullshit exists – science has already explained this, and everything else that people – The Left – are trying to say is real, are just pandering to the fantasies…  No, the delusions of the idiots that follow their deranged ramblings about “identity politics” – to fill in as many of the boxes as they can for “Oppression Olympics”.


Keep your eyes peeled folks, because at some point – hopefully in the near future, we’re going to have a guest post on LGBT matters from our good friend PARifleman.


EDITOR’S NOTE: It was brought to our attention that we misrepresented TERFS – TRANS-EXCLUSIONARY RADICAL FEMINISTS.


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