Asia Argento

Asia Argento, the one who started the #MeToo movement by initially accusing Harvey Weinstein, has her own set of bones which show that she’s just as much of a monster as she claims Harvey Weinstein to be.  This underage actor claims that Asia Argento sexually harassed/assaulted him, and the tweets show her obsessively tweeting him.

News surfaced Sunday that Asia Argento had paid three hundred-eighty thousand dollars (380,000.00$) as hush money to keep the underage actor quiet about his accusation.



The boy says that Asia Argento sexually harassed him at 17, which is under the legal age of consent in California – which doesn’t surprise us anymore – with the kind of witch hunt that this has turned into.  The journalists who leapt to protect her, demanding that everyone wait until the facts come out, and asking us to overlook the assault because she’s such a good feminist and making bizarre tweets like “Two things can be true at once” – haven’t once spoken in defense of the boy who has leveled these accusations at her.  They would only speak in defense of him if he was a Leftist puppet like Kevin Spacey – in which case it’s time for us to be quiet and wait until we know what’s going on.

Milo Yiannopoulos says that Ms. Argento should be the real face of the #MeToo movement, and explains why:

… a hypocritical, cynical, vindictive power-grab by women who are themselves utterly complicit in the horrors of Hollywood. There are no victims in Tinseltown, just perpetrators better at hiding their tracks by pointing and shrieking at the misdeeds of others so no one looks too closely at their shady, disreputable and abusive pasts. If there’s any justice, Argento’s career is over. But don’t count on it for sure: after the campaign to get James Gunn reinstated almost worked, you can’t take anything for granted.

He goes on to correctly damn Hollywood by saying:

Child abuse is fine, so long as you vote Democrat, and you can do absolutely anything, no matter how awful, to absolutely anyone, no matter how young they are, provided you are sufficiently woke and have the right friends. (Hillary Clinton and Meryl Streep, specifically.)




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