“Mansplaining” (Oh God!)

Does anybody else (but us) see the stupidity in this?



Kim Goodwin believes that the “-splaining” part of “mansplaining” comes down to three factors:

  1. Do they want the explanation?
  2. Are you making bad assumptions about competence?
  3. How does bias  affect your interpretation of the above?


Another site (listed “Two) here says that women also deal with “six subtle forms of mansplaining every day”.  Those ways are, according to this second website are:

  1. Catcalling
  2. Being informed that you will (or won’t) like something
  3. When a guy says he knows more about women than actual women
  4. When a guy explains the female body to you
  5. Having your field of expertise explained (errr “mansplained”) to you
  6. Situations in which women are seen as outsiders


In the words of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (we didn’t think we would ever do this)…

“This is a non-story.”


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