Illegal Immigration

The seeds for this post were planted in a discussion I had with some colleagues recently – and online over the last few months – where I’ve argued (it feels like, at least online) until I’m blue in the face that illegal immigration is exactly that – meaning things like DACA being slowed down, and ICE doing their job are signs that this country is moving in the right (heh) direction.  I’ve been arguing that if someone comes here illegally, then they deserve the full weight of the federal government to get thrown at them.  Meaning, in so many words – if you’re here illegally “Get.  The.  Fuck.  Out.” – with all privileges (such as being able to come back LEGALLY) revoked.

If somebody wants to get into this great nation, he or she has to do it the RIGHT way.  I know somebody is going to try and bring up refugees, and “specially considered” groups – asylum seekers etcetera.  They’re not relevant – we’re talking about people here who decide to cross our borders ILLEGALLY.

This includes people who come here and give birth – those children should be taken in by the state – with their parents deported.  However, if those children are eighteen (and above) – legal adults under most laws, the world over, then they get deported.  With the snap of the fingers, just like Thanos made half the universe disappear in the first Infinity War movie.


Having said that, we’re going to move on to the next post…  In the words of Jay-Z:

“I’m onto the next one”


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