Arch: Virtualbox


Specifications of the my Arch installation, according to uname -a and screenfetch – next we’re going to take a look virtualbox, and the issues that it’s giving me here.


As shown here, it will open up as the superuser (root level user) with no problems.  However when I try to open it as my normal user (admin) it returns this (and segmentation fault):


It was suggested to me (on Reddit) that I do strace virtualboxhere’s the output and here’s what it showed me on the GUI afterwards:


In that same Reddit post it was suggested (by another user) that I rename (or delete) ~/.config/Virtualbox – which is what I’m getting ready to try.  (Will add another screencap after I run the command, and try to open Virtualbox again.)


As a normal user!  That suggestion worked.  However the next biggest thing to find out!  Is a VDI (virtual disk image) – a VM – going to work?  Let’s go find out.


Great success! It worked!  It was a matter of simply removing the damned directory under ~/.config, and then going from there.  Draconis Iratus was right – this is going to be the gateway to Linux mastery.


EDIT: This config error seems to happen after I’ve already config’d a VM, so I gave up, uninstalled VirtualBox, and set up GNOME Boxes – which seems to be running just fine.  Thank God for Linux’s versatility.

EDIT: GNOME Boxes is useless – I can’t figure out how to get the network connection working in the VMs it runs.


So here’s the issue that’s returned when I try to use Virtualbox from inside the sandbox I have running.  I’m going to try it again a bit later when I have an ISO that I can run it with.  I need to adjust the VM’s RAM and then see if I can get something working – Firefox takes a while to do anything on 1G of RAM.

Screenshot from 2018-08-29 08-08-49

So I tweaked the RAM, spun up the VM and then loaded up the test ISO inside.  Essentially a VM inside of a VM – just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.  Anyway this is the error that I got from that.  (Unrelated but interesting all the same I think.)

Screenshot from 2018-08-29 08-49-23

The interesting bit to me isn’t so much what the second Virtualbox is saying, but the terminal output behind that.


What I think I think is the most interesting part of all this though?  The host machine – when it was running Arch – wouldn’t run VM’s, which is what all of the edits and rants above this are about, and yet Arch purrs like a kitten and clearly can register that there’s a VM inside the VM) inside the first level VM (the proper sandbox environment).


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