Furries & NASA

I never thought that I’d talk about furries, but here I am.  These…  Degenerates…  Have launched (and successfully) carried out a harassment campaign against a legendary NASA engineer and author – Homer Hickam – driving him from Twitter and forcing him to delete his blog.  He politely reminded a furry named “Naomi” who had just received an internship at NASA that she had to watch her language.  This caused her to respond “Suck my dick and balls I work at #NASA”.  His retort?  “I work on the council that oversees NASA.”  She lost the internship, not because she was being a shit to somebody in the industry, but because NASA got wind of the exchange (through their hashtag).  Hickam chose to come to her aid, and tried to get her a better or equally prestigious position.


However, before this “community” knew all the facts, they started to dogpile Hickam:



What I think is interesting is that since this was an old white man being driven off the internet is strangely silent.  Just some food for thought.


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