Otep: Kult 45 – Thoughts On Selected Songs

Halt Right

This song is exactly what it sounds like – a play on the term “Alt-Right” which was as a way to describe anybody who wasn’t a rabid Leftist initially during the 2016 election, and the following months (that is, from 2016 until now).  The lyrics can be summed up as repetitive – asking stupid questions about America/it’s greatness, and calling for “resistance”.

This is the resistance with our fists held high
You fuck with us and we multiply
This is no longer a spectator sport
This is a motherfuckin’ war

If this is indeed a war, like Ms. Shamaya says – where’s the fighting?  Doesn’t war entail fighting of some kind?  Literal, figurative, and so on?  I mean, I guess you could call this album her “fight” against somebody she – or rather the cult she’s a part of disagrees with – excuse me, hates; disagree was the wrong word to use here.  It’s not disagreement, it’s hate – flat out, unabashed hate.


Yet another song talking about violence against people that her cult hates, this one in particular actually makes me laugh.  There’s a line in which she implies some Nazis are actually good, or rather not worth the attention – whether she’s referring to literal Nazis (who are all more or less extinct – will cite this at the bottom of the post) or – again people her cult hates – which is anybody that’s right of Barry’s right nut.  The line in question, because I want you dear readers to laugh at this with me:

Just like some nazis, the fascists, the ku klux klan

To turn this verse into a mockery of Leftist bullshit “#NotAllNazis”!!!

Said The Snake

Her attempt at conflating establishment conservatives’ belief in God with everything (she perceives to be) wrong with the military complex in this country, I don’t have much else to say, aside from that.


She takes every major non-political issue of the last two years, and says that it’s Trump’s fault – calling for her listeners to “fight back”.  In one she even says (regarding her flawed comparison):

Silence equals complicity

So according to her, being silent and ignoring the fact that every (non political) bad thing that’s happened in the last two years isn’t (or wasn’t) Trump’s fault makes me – or anybody with some sanity – complicit in what she thinks is this vast “alt-right” aggression campaign.

OK so the comparison to cops “murdering” blacks – I have that in quotes because her song alleges (implies) that the murdered blacks (barring the kid with the water pistol, he was 12, and gets a pass for being barely out of diapers) are innocent and sweet little angels.

She also says that Brock Turner – not by name – and what he did was also Trump’s fault:

They letting white kids off
After raping a girl
Behind a dumpster
His rich daddy got him off

Cross Contamination

Simply put she’s “Le edgy /r/atheism embodied”:

If Mary was only 14 when she had Jesus
What does that make god?

2Edgy4Me!  If she’s not careful she’ll cut herself on all of the edge in this song.

Shelter In Place

If they gave AKs to the gays
Then the NRA would pay to dismantle them
If everyone in Compton had an AR-15
The LAPD would be attacking them
Well guns don’t kill people, people kill people
So why you worried about atomic weapons?
Let’s repeal every rule, every law, every tool
That kept us safe after 9/11

The N.R.A. is not a government funded group.  Christ!  There’s a lot of gun-grabbing rhetoric and fear-mongering to had in this song – this stanza sets the stage for that.  “Well guns don’t kill people, people kill people” – this is true, but her question “Why you worried about atomic weapons?” Simply put: the fallout – terrifying stuff.

If every student was wounded in another mass shooting
Politicians would still be making excuses
With blood on their hands and blood on their suits
Counting blood money and licking their boots
Of the NRA whose vomiting promises for a whiter day
So they keep you terrified so you obey

So the take away here – all of the victims in school shootings are black, and the N.R.A. is a white supremacist group who uses fear to make promises.  Fucking what?

Hey, hey, NRA
How many kids did you kill today?

It’s not the N.R.A. who’s responsible for the deaths of children, it’s these shitbag school shooters.  The N.R.A. didn’t fund, endorse of bless these shooters in any manner.  Did she have the Communist Lesbian and her man-servant cousin write this song?


“Muh feemayl empowerment!”

Oh and she’s likely a narcissist.

I don’t need testicles or Benjamins
To be the best, this ever been
It’d take the death of a thousand men
To obey me from my throne again
I’m hotter than cayenne
Ask your girl who the fuck I am
Clark Kent or Superman
Marvelous like Iron Man

To The Gallows

I told everyone but they wouldn’t listen
Now there’s orange fingerprints upon the ignition
On the verge of World War 3 and you pretend it isn’t
I tried to warn y’all but you wouldn’t listen
Now he’s inciting riots with nazi terrorism

So Trump’s to blame for the Charlottesville riot/protest?  Got it.  He’s going to start World War 3?  Citation needed.  She hasn’t tried to warn anybody about shit.  At all.


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