“Uh yeah, no.”

In class tonight, we were working on two lab assignments, in the first one we had to share a file to another computer through a router and then in the other we had to get a screenshot of RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) being configured.  We had to use a router provided by the professor, in order to complete these labs.  My group just had a faulty piece of equipment, and couldn’t get anything working on the assignments – we had the professor try to diagnose these problems through my computer.  Which proved to be a no-go, he couldn’t get anything working and insisted that it was my computer which was the issue and not his garbage equipment.  He kept insisting that it was an issue with my NIC – which it obviously isn’t – the proof being that I can access the internet everywhere (under Windows).

Here’s a capture showing that I have a working wireless connection under Windows 10.


The only relevant connection in this is ____net – which is the student access point.  The rest are for faculty and staff.  He tried to argue this point before walking away and going about the rest of his little walk-about of the class.  The point is that you shouldn’t try to tell a student that his machine is broken thinking that you some how know better than him (the owner of the computer).  It was highly unprofessional bullshit.


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